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Move On
POSTED ON: Thursday, 22 November 2012 at 01:57 | 0 Says

It’s hurting me
It gives me pain
I can’t do anything
Except to hug my heart

Although I want
To speak some words
But I do believe that is not a choice

I’ve suffered much
To even care
This one little thing
That leaves a scar
On the same place over and over again

This heart might be hurting
But it does heal
This heart might be in pain
But it does heal
But I won’t
And I won’t never ever
Leave it all alone
And will always move on
Cause I believe everything would be okay
If I just give it some time
Keep on believing
Keep on believing 3x

And right now
All is left to keep
Are these teardrops that my heart sent me
Say I’m sorry
For not keeping my word
 From letting you cry
Oh my heart…

Repeat Chorus#
And I won’t never ever leave it all alone….
And will always…
Move on...



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